Limitless does not go very far

13 Nov

What if a person could take a pill that allowed the individual to use one hundred percent of their brain, instead of the normal twenty percent. This is the premise of this high concept film. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a thirty something wannabe writer/loser that has been leaching off his girlfriend, until he gets a hold of this wonder drug and begins to use for his own personal self advancement. His lack of humility will lead him into trouble and eventually some unforeseen side effects.

Audiences must remind themselves not to get sucked into Cooper’s beautiful smile, great chin, and baby blue eyes because this is not a good film. The movie is a formulaic money maker that feels like it came off the assembly line and put together with used parts that will not get you very far. Cooper is a talent and I expect we will see better things in the future, but not in this film.


Chuck Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: B

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