House of Flying Daggers is at the pinnacle of wuxia cinema

8 Nov

Director Zhang Yimou best known for his colossal accomplishments with the 2008 Olympic ceremonies and his movie Hero, creates a gorgeous masterpiece that places his film at the pinnacle of Chinese Wuxia cinema. The film’s Cinematographer Xiaoding Zhao captures every hue and tint of color in a way that makes an audience feel like they have fallen into another world.

The story follows the arrest and escape of Mei (Ziyi Zhang), a beautiful blind dancer/rebel that belongs to the House of Flying Daggers group. Ziyi Zhnag has become the most recognizable Chinese actress in America and this Zatoichi-like character is by far her best role because all of the action revolves around her movements. Chinese actor/singer and “Superstar” Andy Lau delivers another exceptional performance as the police captain (Liu) and his partner Takeshi Kaneshiro (Jin) is torn between loyalty and love. House of Flying Daggers is the one of the most complete and successful martial art films of all time.


Chuck’s Grade: A+

Adam’s Grade: B+

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