Pretty Dirty Things survive this ugly world

27 Oct

Dirty Pretty Things is a good film, but not a great film. Senay (Audrey Tautou) is a Turkish maid working illegally in an English hotel. Her friend Okwe (Chiwete Ejiofor) is a Nigerian doctor treading water as a taxi cab driver, as well as working at the same hotel as Senay. The story become intriguing and much darker when Okwe realizes the hotel manager is using one of the rooms as a place to perform illegal organ removal procedures.  The story is original by European and American standards, but the body organ trade is a very common subject in Asian cinema (mainly Korea).  Strange a this may sound, but this part of the film was not the most interesting.  Actually, the obstacles each character faces and the choices each make to survive this claustrophobic London are the strength of Steven Knight’s script. Dirty Pretty Things is about surviving in this ugly world.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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