City of God is an unforgettable masterpiece

26 Oct

I rarely begin a review with a question, but how can one of the best films of the past decade (and decades to come) not be considered by the Academy Awards for Best Picture, let alone Best Foreign film. City of God (Cidade de Dues) is one of those rare international films that audiences from all over the world agree upon as being one of the most powerful and important films of the 21st century. Braulio Mantovani adapts Paulo Lin’s novel about two childhood friends growing up and taking different paths in life, only to be intertwined and connected. The story is based on real-life characters and actual events that take place in the barrios of Rio de Janeiro during the 1960s to 1980s.

Director Fernando Meirelles captures the unsettling world of barrio youth and directs an extremely talented cast of young actors that deliver unforgettable performances. I firmly believe this film could and should have won…if it were nominated.


Adam’s grade: A+

Chuck’s grade: A+

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