SAW but no one saw this coming

22 Oct

SAW is one of those rare indie horror films that found its way to mainstream audiences and stuck. This film not only created a multi-million dollar franchise from a paltry budget and brief shooting schedule, it opened the gates to a once unacceptable horror style that features sadistic and masochistic torture as its principal method of killing. A serial killer named Jigsaw decides to teach his victims about the value of life and the meaning of death by forcing them to take diabolical “tests” with one answer being bad and the other being even worse. The film gains momentum from these timed “trials” that usually have the victims inflicting pain on themselves in some horrific manner.

These films are too much for me, but I can appreciate something when it is done well, and SAW is done very well. Director James Wan delivers a great horror film that has to be considered one of genre’s all time bests.


Chuck’s Grade: A

Adam’s Grade: B-

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