Fast Times at Ridgemont High hasn’t slowed down

21 Oct

Writer Cameron Crowe went undercover as a high school student and write a book about his experiences. Before he published his book, it was optioned for a film, and Crowe was given the opportunity to write the screenplay. The film is a hilarious cross section of the life of four teenagers. Brad (Judge Reinhold), a senior stuck at a fast food job and a dead end relationship, his sister Stacy (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a freshman looking for romance, but not with Mark (Brian Backer), and the most memorable characters Spicoli (Sean Penn), a surfer-stoner that keeps getting in trouble with his history teacher (Ray Walston).

This is one of the best high school movies ever. Director Amy Heckerling captures the fun times, the embarrassing moments, and the serious situations that young people deal with day in and day out.  The film continues to connect with new audiences because it was all done with a big smile and smart writing.


Adam’s grade: A-

Chuck’s grade: A+

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