Boondock Saints takes the righteous path to justice

19 Oct

This film has to be one of the most improbable cult hits of all time.  It spends the entire move wavering between brillance and stupidity.  I was told that this was a “must see” film years ago by passionate fans and when I watched the DVD I found myself laughing out loud at the stupidity and nodding my head in agreement when the brothers become righteous killing machines.  Boondock Saints like its lead characters is a paradox that cannot be explained by the rational and educated. It is just a good movie that entertains and uses some unusual scenarios to make a more than memorable film.

To be honest, this film has many flaws, but the story telling and off-beat, but serious performances from William Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, David Della Rocco, and Billy Connolly satisfy audiences starving for those long ago vigilante films featuring honorable protagonists walking the righteous path to justice.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: B

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