Immortals will not live on forever

17 Oct

This film has some wonderful moments, but not enough to place it into Hollywood’s pantheon of Greek God inspired classics.  I get excited every time Hollywood decides to explore Greek mythology, but lately contemporary films have abandoned the traditional reverence for the Gods and focus its attention towards an approach that presents the mortal characters in positions of defiance. The scenes featuring the Gods are memorable and exciting to watch, but unfortunately audiences must wait patiently for their appearances.

Director Tarsem Singh eye for design helps this 3-D film become an aesthetic wonder, but that’s about it. The film’s main shortcomings are the dialogue and the casting of the film’s protagonists. Theseus (Mark Cavill) is unable to match Mickey Rourke’s performance as the evil King Hyperion. Actually, all of the principal actors are outclassed by Rourke’s presence in the film. Also, the film’s graphic violence can be off-putting and distracting at times. Unfortunately, Immortals will not live on forever.


Chuck’s grade: B-
Adam’s grade: C-

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