The Town turns heads

12 Oct

In 2010, movie audiences were taken by surprise when the film, The Town turned heads with this unexpected action thriller. Ben Affleck’s career has been hit or miss over the years, but lately it has been more misses than hits, until he wrote, directed, and starred in this gangster film about a group of bank robbers that seem to always be one step ahead of the law, until its leader, Doug MacRay (Affleck) falls in love with Claire (Rebecca Hall) a bank teller from his latest heist. Things get complicated when James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner) challenges MacRay to remember  his loyalty to his friends and Charlestown.

Affleck captures the character of Charlestown with wonderful shots of the city and excellent performances from his supporting cast of Renner, Jon Hamm, Pete Postlethwaite and Blake Lively. The Town is an exciting film that gives audiences one great heist scene after another and a refreshing ending that leaves audiences hoping for a sequel.


Chuck’s Grade: A
Adam’s Grade: A-

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