The Descendants challenges our invincibility

8 Oct

The Descendants is one of those films that tricks audiences to think about their mortality. This film challenges our invincibility and forces us to realize that death is something we must deal with and in Matt King’s case (George Clooney), a difficult decision. The film’s early marketing campaign made the film look like a simple romantic comedy with an 80’s band punk rock band title, but the reality of the situation is the film addresses some serious political, social, cultural, and economic issues (Euthanasia, parenting, marriage, fidelity, teen-drug use, land conservation, capitalism, and friend loyalty), but at the same time ignoring the obvious classist and racist elements present in the film.

From an entertainment standpoint, Alexander Payne writes and directs a powerful story about a less than perfect family having to come to terms with death, but it does come from a privileged perspective which made it difficult for me (Chuck) to completely “buy in” to the protagonist’s dilemma.


Chuck’s grade: B

Adam’s Grade: B+

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