Fight Club is a beautiful and unique snowflake

5 Oct

Fight Club is a very faithful adaptation to Chuck Palahnuik’s popular book. The plot follows an unnamed protagonist played by Edward Norton, he is “everyman” who find himself living a life with no meaning. He attends support groups for ailments he does not have and becomes embroiled in a relationship with Marla (Helena Bonham Carter). He befriends a man Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), who helps him find his true self through fight club.

David Fincher creates a stylistic world filled with rich characters and plot that twists, turns and leaves you guessing until the very end. As Tyler Durden says, “We are a generation raised by women, sometimes I wonder if another woman is the answer we really need.” Fight Club depicts a real angst many men feel in today’s desensitize society filled with consumerism, loneliness, and nihilism. Everything in the film is top-notch: acting, directing, cinematography, set-design, and story. This is my (Adam) favorite movie of all time.

Word Count: 160

Adam’s Grade: A+

Chuck’s Grade: A+

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