Mulholland Drive is a twisted masterpiece

4 Oct

What writer/director David Lynch accomplishes in Mulholland Drive is remarkable. This film will likely require multiple viewings to fully understand everything, and even then you many never know completely.  The plot follows a woman who suffers amnesia from a car accident, she creates the name Rita (Linda Harring) for herself and stumbles upon an aspiring actress named Diane (Naomi Watts) on Sunset Blvd. Diane takes in Rita and together try to seek out her true identity.

Lynch creates a beautiful, but dark dream world that borders upon surrealism. The film’s non-linear narrative requires audiences to pay attention right away otherwise you will feel like Rita. Everything in this film is top-notch from the directing, writing, and acting. It’s safe to say that you haven’t seen anything like it before, unless you have seen one of Lynch’s earlier films. This is his most polished film and story. At the end,  all of the pieces will add up to a twisted masterpiece.

Word Count: 160

Adam’s Grade: A

Chuck’s Grade: A

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