THE MUMMY is a universal hit

3 Oct

The month of October is upon us and TCM is showing a bunch of horror movie classics. The first one I stumbled upon was the Universal horror classic, The Mummy (1932) starring Boris Karloff as the evil Imhotep. The story is simple and it has been replicated by Hollywood a number of times with the most recent being the box office hit 1999 version. An ancient mummy is discovered during an early 1920s archeological excavation. The mummy is resurrected and escapes, only to return years later in human form as Ardeth Bey to unleash his diabolical plot.

For today’s  audiences, the dialogue is stiff and the action slow moving, but for 1932, Karloff along with an amazing make-up job by the legendary Jack Pierce create one of the creepiest movie monsters of all time. The two men set the standard for the future Mummy franchise for years to come. Personally, I do not think the replicates have matched the spookiness of the original.

Word Count: 160

Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: B

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