The Big Lebowski gets funnier and funnier

2 Oct

The Coen Brothers are known to break new ground with each project, but the most memorable is easily their film, The Big Lebowski. It is a hilarious tale about a slacker named Jeffrey Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) aka “The Dude”, whose identity gets mistaken as a millionaire with the same name. After a turn of events, Dude becomes accidentally involved in the kidnapping of the millionaire’s unfaithful wife.

This landmark comedy introduces a group of characters never before seen on-screen, but copied by hundreds of filmmakers since. Bridges gives an unforgettable performance, as well as his supporting casts of misfits, Walter (John Goodman) and Donny (Steve Buscemi), not to mention the outrageous Jesus Quintana played masterfully by John Turturro. The combination of the quirky characters, oddball scenes, and witty dialogue has canonized this film as an all-time comedic masterpiece. For me, the best thing about The Big Lebowski is that it gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it.


Adam’s Grade: A-

Chuck’s Grade: A

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