12 MONKEYS is great science fiction

29 Sep

Director Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys successfully balances a great science film with elements of a thriller that keeps audiences wondering if the lead character is sane or insane. In 1995, this was a daring film that takes place in two realities, a post apocalyptic future and an unsuspecting present, both realities are successfully executed and challenge audiences to accept the inexact science of time travel.

Bruce Willis (James Cole) is a convict from the future trying to earn himself a pardon by being part of these flawed missions intended to save the world. I am not a big Madeleine Stowe fan, but she does a good job playing doubting Kathryn. Brad Pitt earns an Oscar nomination for his role as the mentally disturbed Jeffery Goines. At the time, I thought it was a bit much, but in retrospect it was a good selection. Ultimately, this is an entertaining film that keeps you guessing as to what Gilliam is going to do next.


Chuck’s Grade: B+
Adam’s Grade: B

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