Brick is a neo noir classic

28 Sep

This film caught me completely off-guard when I watch it on DVD a couple of years ago.  Here was a neo-noir film set in a contemporary high school where an underground drug ring was somehow connected to Brendan’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) ex-girlfriend’s murder. The film has all the classic noir characteristics that make up a great 1930s detective story: noir vocabulary, femme fatales, mysterious characters, unique names, double crosses, and an honest “detective” that methodically gets to the truth.

Brick is writer/director Rian Johnson’ s debut feature film, which earns him several festival awards and nominations in the process.  It puts him on the map as a talented and up and coming director. Gordon-Levitt gives a convincing performance in the leading role, but Lukas Haas as “The Pin” steals the scenes with his character’s quirky nuances. Nora Zehetner and Meagan Good play the roles of the femme fatales perfectly, and the film’s twists keeps the audiences guessing  until the very end.


Chuck’s Grade: A

Adam’s Grade: B+

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