Mysterious Skin adapted into a great film

27 Sep

Mysterious Skin is one of those films that people want to tell others about, but don’t know where to begin because the subject matter is so difficult to bring up in casual conversation. Only one of my friends was interested in seeing a film about two boys dealing with the post-traumatic effects of sexual abuse. Neil played honestly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt becomes a prostitute while the other boy, Brain (Brady Corbet) develops psychogenic amnesia and becomes obsessed with alien abduction.

Director/Screenwriter Gregg Araki based his film off Scott Heim’s 1996 novel with the same name. It is a powerful adaptation that finds a way to balance extremely intense and uncomfortable scenes with moments where Brian learns about Neil’s life, until finally seeing for the first time in ten years. Gordon-Levitt gives one of most powerful and underrated performances of his career. The film shows Gordon-Levitt maturing before our eyes into a serious actor for years to come.


Chuck’s Grade: A

Adam’s Grade: B+

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