The Girl Next Door is the perfect neighbor

26 Sep

I first saw this movie on one of the late night cable channels. It was an unassuming film that had a young actor I recognized, but couldn’t remember his name. Like most late night flicks, I was committed to watching the film out of boredom, but then Elisha Cuthbert appears and the story begins to unfold. The film was much better than your average soph0moric teenage get laid high school movie because it teases audiences with its “naughty” scenes and keeps the story on track with its “nice” episodes.   Although, parts of the film reminded me of Risky Business, I thought it was one of the better teen movies I had seen. Emile Hirsch and Cuthbert have great chemistry together and  Hirsch’s sidekicks, Chris Marquette (Eli) and Paul Dano (Klitz)  provide the comic relief.  The film’s “climax” has a clever ending that keeps the movie a lot of fun. The Girl Next Door is the perfect neighbor.


Chuck’s grade: B+

Adam” grade: B-

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