LAWLESS delivers the goods

23 Sep

Most gangster films show the finished “product” of the infamous Prohibition era criminals: Capone, Schultz, etc…but audiences forget about where the illegal alcohol came from in the first place. Lawless takes place in the hills of Virginia where moonshiners make their valued product. It follows the “true” lives of the Bondurant brothers (Shia LaBoeuf, Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke) refusal to succumb to the  demands of a corrupt District Attorney and his Special Deputy (Guy Pearce).  Each brother has a different talent that makes them successful moonshiners and interesting characters to watch.

The film moves along methodically only to be interrupted by scenes of brutal violence that reminds audiences that this is a life or death business. I thought the actor’s did a good job with the material, but it was hard for me to imagine LeBoeuf as a backwoods bootlegger.  Ironically, this interesting part of American history is played by three Englishmen and one Australian actor. Lawless delivers the goods.


Chuck’s Grade: A-

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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