Magnolia: These strange things happen all the time

20 Sep

Writer/Director Paul Thomas Anderson is a master at revealing his film’s characters like a chef peels away at an onion. Magnolia’s action intertwines about a dozen people on a random day in the San Fernando Valley. Each character has something important going on in their lives that will ultimately lead to different levels of loneliness, sorrow, and frustration. He is a perfectionist when working with amazing talent, such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, William H. Macy, and Tom Cruise. All of which give top-notch performances.

Anderson and Director of Photography, Robert Elswit collaborate to create so many memorable scenes. Their choice of camera angles and shots, as well as a unique script keeps this three hour plus film interesting. Magnolia may turn off some viewers, but if audiences allow the characters and the story to unfold, then the film will leave a lasting imprint like only a few can.


Adam’s Grade: A-

Chuck’s Grade: A-

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