The Breakfast Club serves everyone

17 Sep

John Hughes understood the teenage condition better than any director I have ever seen.  The Breakfast Club is one of his signature films that reveal the social structure operating in high school during the 1980s.  The story is simple. It places a “geek”, a “jock”, a “loner”, a “popular” girl, and a juvenile delinquent together to serve detention on a Saturday morning at school.

What separates this film from other teen films is the richness of the dialogue and how the characters develop and transform before our very eyes. Although, these five characters are representing teenage stereotypes, the characters become a united voice for young people.  In a single detention period, the film reveals some of the pressing issues affecting American teenagers. It inspires audiences to look beyond the surface and recognize the complex social and cultural politics young people are trying to maneuver through, in order to “survive” high school. The Breakfast Club is a timeless classic.


Adam’s grade: A-

Chuck’s grade: A+

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