Resident Evil spawns a zombie franchise

16 Sep

The first installment of the Resident Evil franchise shoots its way into the zombie genre with its video-game like approach to the film’s story and action. Action films usually inspire video games, but in this case the opposite is true. The premise is simple and director Paul W. S. Anderson wastes no time letting loose the T-virus in an secret underground research facility. The Umbrella Corporation sends in a special unit to stop the outbreak, but encounter a mysterious woman named Alice.

Milla Jovovich takes command and transforms Alice into an iconic zombie killer. There are many female actors that have tried their hand at the action star genre but have failed. Jovovich successfully turns her mediocre scripts and sup-par supporting casts into her favor by allowing her intoxicating screen presence to carry Alice to another level. Resident Evil does not measure up to George Romero’s genius, but the this film entertains its video game followers and zombie movie fans.


Chuck’s grade: C+

Adam’s grade: C

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