Nickelodeon takes us back

13 Sep

Nickelodeon takes audiences back to the early days when small independent film companies were trying to circumvent the Patents Company’s monopoly over the movie business.  Peter Bogdanovich creates a heartfelt comedy about a young writer/director learning how to make movies on the go with a Keystone-like cast of misfits in the unpopulated plains of California. The cast includes Ryan O’Neal, Burt Reynolds (with and without a mustache), John Ritter, Stella Stevens, and a young Tatum O’Neal.

The film is a tribute to early filmmakers making the transition from hired help to artists. There are many “inside” references to the business throughout the film, but I believe the film’s humor can stand on its own without audiences having knowledge of people like D. W. Griffith and Mack Sennett. I admit there are times when Bogdanovich could have shorten scenes to help with the film’s pacing, but I can forgive those moments because he is paying tribute to our cinema’s wonderful history.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: C-

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