The Apartment

12 Sep

For its time, The Apartment was an off beat film that tackled issues of infidelity. Some audience in 1960s found this content offensive, but director Billy Wilder was breaking new ground in Hollywood with his story revolving around C.C. Baxter’s (Jack Lemmon) apartment. Baxter is trying to climb the corporate ladder by allowing his superiors to use his apartment for their extra-marital affairs. Everything is going along smoothly, until he falls in love with the cute elevator attendant Fran Kubrick (Shirley MacLaine), who is having a “relationship” with Baxter’s boss, Mr. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurry) the head of the company.

The film boasts a cast of Hollywood’s A-list talent. Lemmon and MacLaine were both nominated for Oscars, while Wilder walks away with Best Picture and Director honors. Wilder uses expressionistic lighting to accentuate the the film’s somber moments and to draw audiences closer the genuinely sympathetic characters affected the most by these affair. This film deserves to be a classic.

Word Count: 159

Adam’s Grade: A+

Chuck’s Grade: B+

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