SAFE not sorry

9 Sep

Jason Statham has become the king of starring in one-word titled films such as, Snatch, Chaos, Revolver, Crank, War, etc. His latest, Safe is no different than his previous efforts where he plays the not so innocent good guy trying to figure out how to make things right. I have been wary of his films since he made Crank, and its unforgivable sequel, Crank: High Voltage.

I went to see this film in the three dollar theater and I was pleasantly surprised with the film’s action scenes. Luke Wright (Statham) has to fight his way through the Russian mob, the Triads, and dirty cops to save a gifted Chinese girl. It seemed like all of his previous movies were thrown into the ring forming a battle royale from start to finish. Statham’s one liners and fighting sequences do not disappoint his fans, but it is an average film at best. It was worth three dollars, but certainly not ten.


Chuck’s grade: B-

Adam’s grade: N/A

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