J. Edgar’s career makes for a long movie

6 Sep

Clint Eastwood directs Leonardo DiCaprio as the controversial FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. I cannot speak on the accuracy of the biopic, but Eastwood drives home the fact that Hoover was a patriot that would “protect” the United States by any means necessary–legally and illegally.  Basically, the film recounts the man’s major achievements in law enforcement, as well as reveal the relationship he shared with his long time Associate Director, Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer). I think Eastwood could have went deeper with both areas. It felt like he was only willing to open the door a crack to let us peep in, but never really allow us to look to long. DiCaprio turns in another great performance and Judi Dench’s role as Hoover’s mother is perfection.

For me, this film was wonderful to watch at home, but I don’t think I would have been comfortable sitting in a theater watching this story about a hard to like political figure.


Chuck’s Grade: B-

Adam’s Grade: C

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