Reign of Fire is not very hot.

4 Sep

When you hear the leading male cast assembled for this film (Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler) you automatically think that this film is going to be amazing.  On the contrary, the trio’s chemistry does not work in this film because I believe the roles were miss-cast. In my opinion, I think it would have been a much better film if we McConaughey played Bale’s role, and Bale play Butler’s character, and Butler play McConaughey’s part. Even so, I am not sure these new roles could save this post-apocalyptic script of fire breathing dragons decimating the Earth to the point of mankind’s extinction. Director Rob Bowman’s prolific television success has not translated over to the big screen yet, but I think he is a talented artist that should have done much better with these three actors. Reign of Fire is something you can watch late night on the television, but on the big screen it wasn’t very hot.


Chuck’s grade: C

Adam’s grade: C

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