Roman Holiday

1 Sep

In a star-making performance, Audrey Hepburn shines as Princess Ann in William Wyler’s Roman Holiday. The film follows the Princess desire to experience Rome on her own without her royal guardians. An American reporter Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) unknowingly meets her and becomes her companion in her quest to see Rome. Eventually, he discovers her identity and views it as a professional opportunity, but love is in the air and Peck and Hepburn’s characters must make some difficult choices.

This movie has its fairy tale elements, but it succeeds because it has two amazing actors delivering fantastic performances. Hepburn wins the Oscar for this film and moves into the pubic’s eye forever. Wyler’s wonderful direction is accentuated by its beautiful location shots and gorgeous costume design. Roman Holiday is one of the greatest romantic comedies in history and it is easily one of my favorite films.


Adam’s Grade: A
Chuck’s Grade: N/A

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