Tree of Life grows on you

30 Aug

This is the first time I have sat in a theater and watched people leave during the first half hour of the film. Audiences were either blown away or bored to death. For me, the film is a masterful achievement. Terence Malick reminds me of Kubrick when he creates so much intrigue through silence. The vague plot is about Mr. and Mrs O’Brien (Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) raising three sons during the mid 1950’s. The parents are not the driving force as you would expect, but instead the three boys. The story is told through a series of flashbacks, articulate visuals, poetry, and a grandiose motif.

Tree of Life can be frustrating for many viewers because of its odd construction. It may even be considered pretentious when Malick inserts an Earth’s creation sequence. The film is long and the pace is snail-like. I would not recommend this film for the weak, but it was a visual wonder for me.


Adam’s Grade A-
Chuck’s Grade: B+

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