27 Aug

Today’s review comes straight to us from Netflix. Seeking Justice held the first slot in my Recently Added rotation. The movie’s sleeve image had a large profile of Nicolas Cage with inserts of January Jones and Guy Pearce. Although, the latter two actors are two of my favorites, I knew what I was getting myself into.

Cage’s wife is raped and left in critical condition. A strange man (Pearce) approaches Cage and offers a unique service–vigilante justice in return for a favor. The film takes much too long to develop and the script begins to resemble Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club where everyone and their brother is involved in the “secret” group. I must admit the film held my attention, but the hour and forty-four minutes felt much longer, especially when the little things shown in the beginning of the movie become the obvious resolution choices for film’s ending. I would recommend letting this film pass you by in the rotation.


Chuck’s Grade: D
Adam’s Grade: N/A

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