23 Aug

In 2007, filmmakers Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger were assigned to go to the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan nicknamed “the deadliest place on earth” for Vanity Fair. During their year visit they chronicled a U.S. Platoon from their deployment to their group’s return home. The main goal of the troop’s deployment is to gain complete control of Korengal Valley and to earn the trust with the locals. This documentary works for me because of its not an overtly political film, instead the film displays is the weekly negotiations that they have with the locals, the construction of their base and the firefights that they face daily. The name ‘Restrepo’ comes from PFC Juan Sebastian Restrepo, a platoon medic killed earlier in the campaign.

This documentary will make audiences display every emotion because of its raw and powerful intensity. It’s a character study of each soldier involved and is a tribute to those who fight for us each and everyday.


Adam’s Grade: B+
Chuck’s Grade: N/A

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