TONY SCOTT’S TRUE ROMANCE (director’s cut)

22 Aug

As an undergraduate Theatre major in the 1990s, director Tony Scott’s film True Romance (director’s cut) was one of those films that wanted me to become part of the film business in some way. My classmates and I would quote lines from this film and talk about the scenes between Hopper and Walken or Oldman and Slater. There were so many little things in this film that made us root for Clarence and Alabama.  From the moment Clarence asks a barfly stranger to go see three Sonny Chiba films–I was hooked!  What was this film that had all the things in it that I loved. Today, I am still loving Tarantino’s script and it would be hard to argue that this film boasts one of the greatest casts ever assembled. The director’s cut has always been one of my favorite films of all time and Scott’s cut demonstrates his gift for telling a great story.


Chuck’s Grade: A+

Adam’s Grade: B+

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