The Adventures of Robin Hood

17 Aug

In all its three strip technicolor brilliance Errol Flynn dons the famous green tights of Robin of Locksley aka Robin Hood. In 1938, audiences were entertained by Flynn’s confident portrayal and good looks. Ten years later the studio re-released the film to theaters and audiences treated like a new release. Sixty plus years later the film is still quite entertaining, as long as you can forgive the scripted laughs (HA HA HA). I watched the film again and wished I could see the climatic sword fight between Flynn and Basil Rathbone on the big screen. Not to mention, the talented and radiant Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian and the always reliable Claude Rains as the evil Prince John under the masterful direction of Michael Curtiz.

If you like movies, then this film is something you should share with your family and friends. And maybe share a couple “HA HA HA” moments as well.


Chuck’s Grade: A
Adam’s Grade: B+

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