Beginners: It’s Never Late To Start Over

16 Aug

Beginners is one of the most overlooked movies of 2011. Ewan McGregor gives his best performance as Oliver, a man who fears commitment in relationships. His father Hal, played marvelously by Christopher Plummer, comes out to his son 6 months after his wife of forty-four years passes away. As Hal begins his new lifestyle he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The film’s non-linear format bounces between Oliver’s childhood, his father’s treatments, and into the present where he is dating Anna (Melanie Laurent).

Beginners could have fallen flat, but the film works because of writer/director Mike Mills masterful command of this personal story. Mills’s father came out to him in real life, which gives this film a genuine sense of love and realism between the characters. I think this film is a must see with your significant other as soon as possible. It is a perfect diamond created by the actors and director.


Adam’s Grade: A-
Chuck’s Grade: N/A

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