The Bourne Legacy Misses Matt Damon

14 Aug

Jason Bourne is on a leave of absence, which is unfortunate because he was desperately needed in this film. It begins in Alaska, and ends up following Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) around the globe. Unlike Bourne, Cross must take pills to maintain his physical gifts. The first three installments have led us to point that the CIA under Edward Norton’s watch decides to eliminate its “special” agents and anyone else (Rachel Weisz) connected to the project. Renner and Weisz attempt to escape the CIAs kill switch.

The acting is top-notch, but with a chaotic script Renner and Weisz can only do so much. The film’s exposition takes too long to set up, and then tries too hard to recover. The film’s action sequences are pretty standard and does not offer audiences anything new. I was disappointed with the editing and some of the cinematography. I love the first three films, but the fourth does not meet Bourne’s standards.


Adam’s Grade: C+
Chuck’s Grade: B-

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