The Great Escape digs deep

13 Aug

The Great Escape is an ensemble WWII film based on a true story about a massive escape from a German prison of war camp. In 1963, American adolescent boys walk out of movie theaters wanting to ride motorcycle and carry baseball mitts with them into those moments of solitude.

An all star cast leads this group of uniquely talented individuals to a big screen success. Charles Bronson digs deep underneath the camp with John Leyton while Richard Attenborough, James Donald, and Gordon Jackson mastermind the escape like Clooney and company in Ocean’s Eleven.  Steve McQueen shows off his motorcycle skills in one of the most memorable movie chases of all time. James Garner and Donald Pleasence share an unforgettable friendship.

Every time I see this film I wish I could have grown up watching McQueen and Bronson in their primes.  Don’t let this film escape you!


Chuck’s Grade: A

Adam’s Grade: A-

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